Calories basal metabolic rate: the most important questions and answers

Kalorien Grundumsatz: Die wichtigsten Fragen und Antworten

The calorie basal metabolic rate is the amount of energy required to keep the body alive at rest, on an empty stomach and at a room temperature of 28 degrees to maintain all vital organs. The calorie basal metabolic rate depends on age, gender, size and body type.

To put an end to well-known doubts with this media diet mania, we explain to you what it takes to find your ideal weight successfully and permanently. It's just a small math problem away from achieving your dream body. No previous knowledge is required here and if you know what it is all about, you are already a big step further in order to successfully add calories to the body cult in a healthy mass or to take them again. (1)

the essentials in brief

  • Problems with losing weight can be easily managed with the calorie basal metabolic rate. Here you only need the basic knowledge on which you can successfully build.
  • Muscle mass increases the necessary calorie metabolism and brings better results in terms of body performing and health
  • The right food promotes well-being and healthy nutrition is an integral part of a balanced calorie basal metabolic rate.

Calories Basal Metabolic Rate: What you should know

Nowadays, a balanced and healthy diet is an integral part of our lifestyle. However, this is not the case for everyone and in order to build up a solid basic knowledge here and to achieve the perfect steely body with the calorie basal metabolic rate, we now dive deeper into the matter of the calorie basal metabolic rate:

What does calorie basal metabolic rate mean?

The calorie basal metabolic rate indicates how many calories are needed in rest mode to keep the organism alive without irreparable damage. Depending on your age, gender, height or weight, your body needs a certain number of calories to keep it running, you can imagine it like a machine.

How do you calculate the calorie basal metabolic rate?

Probably the best known and also scientifically recognized formula with which one can calculate the calorie basal metabolic rate is the: Harris - Benedict formula which was developed in 1918. Depending on your gender, age, weight and height, it calculates your calorie basal metabolic rate. You can find many different online calculators on the Internet that calculate your basal metabolic rate in seconds without any effort. (3)

What is the daily calorie basal metabolic rate?

It all depends on what gender you are. Women, due to their body structure and significantly less muscle mass, have a lower calorie basal metabolic rate than men. Of course, you can increase this by building muscle mass. (12)

What is the difference between calorie basal metabolic rate and total metabolic rate?

The total turnover includes the calorie basal turnover as well as the performance turnover. You add more calories to our basal metabolic rate, which keeps the body alive, which accounts for the performance turnover, so you have the total turnover.

lose weight

Calorie basal metabolism helps with weight loss. (Image source: Diana Polekhina / unsplash)

What role does the calorie metabolism play in losing weight?

As soon as you know the calorie basal metabolic rate, this is very valuable information. You must never go below your daily basal metabolic rate, as this has a massive impact on the metabolism and unused muscle mass is reduced, which is also very useful for burning fat.

In order to lose weight successfully, you need to know your calorie basal metabolic rate and your performance turnover exactly. As described earlier, this is called total sales. From this you take away 400 - 600 calories a day and you can lose weight successfully and healthily. With increased training effort, you don't even need a diet here and can continue to eat normally and thus successfully reduce your weight.(6)

Why does more muscle increase basal metabolic rate?

Even at rest, muscles burn more calories than fat cells. The more muscles you have, the more unwanted calories you consume. Here you have to know that every muscle cell has . These small cell organelles convert fat and carbohydrates into energy. (8th)

So if you build more muscle cells, the number of automatically increases and the metabolism runs a lot faster. This in turn is decisive for the calorie basal metabolic rate. You can increase your calorie basal metabolic rate by a lot if you build muscle mass - no matter what gender and age you are. (7)

Overview of fat and muscle percentage of women and men, by age?

Here you will find a list of the fat and muscle percentages of the respective genders and age groups.

Old Fat percentage male Muscle proportion man in % Fat percentage female Muscle proportion woman in %
20 16 44 26 37
30 19 41 27 34
40 21 38 28 32
50 23 36 31 29

Does the calorie basal metabolic rate decrease in the long term due to longer starvation periods?

The long-term regulation of the basal metabolic rate can lead to serious, significant damage to the metabolism and internal organs. As well as unused muscle mass are broken down. It is not advisable to work in nature again. When you eat normally again, the well-known JOJO effect kicks in and you have twice as much on your hips as you would like. (2)

Which activities promote the calorie basal metabolic rate?

Here we present the 6 activities that can increase the calorie basal metabolic rate:

  • Muscle building: As already described above, the right muscle building is like a turbo booster for the metabolism. This in turn increases the calorie basal metabolic rate. Just right to start strength training today.
  • Nutrition: Make sure that you choose foods that stimulate and promote the metabolism, such as chili or spicy foods. Going to extremes is rarely as bad as it is with nutrition. Fat, too, has its good side, and when it is in the form of food.
  • Drinking water: In order to keep the metabolism active, drinking enough is the be-all and end-all. Take 1 liter of water for approx. 25 kg of body weight.
  • Cardio Training: Cardio training should act as a supplement and not be seen as a way. Too much of a good thing robs you of the strength to build muscle properly.
  • Physical activity: There are plenty of ways to stay active and fit in everyday life. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Walking to and from the supermarket instead of driving short distances.
  • Good bedtime and less stress: Sufficient and restful bedtime stabilizes the hormone balance and lets you be fit for the next day. You should also avoid stress and be in harmony with yourself and your body.

Here we present 3 other alternatives instead of the calorie basal metabolic rate:


Diets are a dime a dozen. However, they promise a lot and deliver relatively little. With most diets, a result can only be achieved for a short time, if at all, and it is not advisable to do so due to the well-known JoJo effect. (5)


No alternative which gives our body an advantage. Extreme starvation damages the metabolism and internal organs. This can lead to sudden death. (10)

diet pills

A completely wrong strategy are the miracle cures or diet pills. Which promise a miracle and miraculously promise overnight success. This is strongly discouraged as it can seriously endanger your health. (9)


If you want to lose weight in a targeted and long-term way so that you can form your body weight in a focused manner, the calorie basal metabolic rate is the basis. You can successfully influence the calorie basal metabolic rate with a variety of aids such as cardio training, everyday physical activities and diet. However, the greatest help is still muscle building and activation of the metabolism. This also activates fat burning, which is crucial for reducing body weight.

We don't need much to achieve a comfortable feel-good weight. A little bit of previous knowledge, the motivation to change your diet and diligence on the fitness machine. Here the calorie basal metabolic rate is a successful help to bring your body into the desired shape.


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