Eating without carbohydrates: the most important questions and answers

Essen ohne Kohlenhydrate: Die wichtigsten Fragen und Antworten

Is it really possible to eat zero-carb foods or just a trend?

In this article, we will bring you closer to the EOK philosophy and show you what to look out for and what to eat if you decide to eat this way.(1)

the essentials in brief

  • We humans are used to eating carbohydrates. However, it is also possible to live without the intake of these foods.
  • You don't have to give up carbohydrates to achieve your dream body.
  • Carbohydrates are among other things an important source of energy for our body. But every body is different and needs an individual nutritional intake.(2)

Eating without carbohydrates: what you should know

We will show you the most important questions and answers in the following sections. Click on the links provided and you will be taken straight to the relevant information.

You can easily replace the bread with homemade low-carb bread or rice cakes.

There are also fruits that have carbohydrates. So before you buy, pay attention to what you can eat with a clear conscience if you want to pay attention to food without carbohydrates. Carbohydrate foods can easily be replaced with vegetables. If you still want something that reminds you of pasta or potatoes, you can use quinoa as an alternative.

How does the immune system work?

Our immune system is responsible for the biological defense of our body. This is made up of special cells and organs and its task is to fight and eliminate pathogens.

With regard to carbohydrates, so much can be said that too many carbohydrates, which the body cannot process itself, turn into fat and are therefore bad for our body.

What happens if you don't eat carbohydrates?

If you radically switch from normal food with carbohydrates to completely low-carbohydrate, various symptoms can appear. The body is confused and no longer receives the nutrients it is used to, which can lead to headaches, tiredness, poor circulation or concentration or is noticeable in a bad mood.

It is quite possible that certain symptoms will remain for a longer period of time if the body does not get used to the new diet. The body can adapt to certain changes as long as they are not radical and occur slowly.(3) Fewer carbohydrates actually means more weight loss.

In addition, your stomach will be flatter, since the wheat products can lead to flatulence and you no longer have this. As a rule, a body needs at least 3 days until the fat deposits are processed and that is also the big disadvantage here. Since carbohydrates are not only found in grains, but also in fruits and vegetables, you should not completely avoid them.(4)

Can you eat without carbohydrates?

In principle it is possible, yes. If you eat little carbohydrates, i.e. less than 20 grams a day, the body automatically switches to the so-called ketosis phase and works with the existing fat deposits.(5) With the low-carb diet, the carbohydrate content is greatly restricted and the intake of certain foods is restricted or even left out.

However, the body needs another source of energy and therefore it is important that you inform yourself before eating without carbohydrates and see what options are available to you. Nevertheless, experts recommend allowing yourself a certain intake of carbohydrates and not doing without them completely.


You can enchant mushrooms individually in a delicious menu and eat them without a guilty conscience. (Image Source: Avinash Kumar / Unsplash)

The body is used to consuming cereal products, among other things.(6) We usually eat carbohydrates, fat and proteins so that our body receives enough nutrients and our own metabolism works. Excess carbohydrates, which the body does not need at the moment, are stored in reserve.

So as soon as you do without carbohydrates, our body notices this and draws on the reserves. Hence the logical conclusion that you lose weight quickly with the EOK diet.(7)

What can I eat without carbohydrates?

There are many foods that can be gained that don't give you any carbs.(8) In fact, when you eat no carbs, you avoid pasta, potatoes, rice, etc.

However, enjoyment does not have to suffer just because you keep certain foods off the plate. There are various alternatives for the pizza, the pasta plate and also the cheese gratin. Here are some examples:

  • Miscellaneous with soy: soybeans, soy flour, soy milk, soy protein, soy sauce(9)
  • tofu
  • leaf spinach
  • low-fat meat
  • sauerkraut
  • Mushrooms
  • linseed

For more food we recommend the following page: (10)

What are low carb dishes?

Unfortunately, carbs are hidden in many foods such as bread, rice, pasta, potatoes, ready meals etc.(11)

vegetable and meat dish

No more complex than previous cooking: you simply replace the carbohydrates with vegetables and more meat. (Image Source: Mantra Media / Unsplash)

Which dishes are low carb?(12)

  • Breakfast: A healthy and hot ham and scrambled egg menu with rice cakes
  • Lunch: Stuffed chicken with a green salad
  • Dinner: replace your favorite bread with a homemade low cab bread. Combine that with veggies and eggs and you have a perfect dinner.(13)

Snacking is of course not possible, since not only carbohydrates but also a lot of calories are hidden here. But you can fall back on alternatives.(14)

food Possible preparation
cottage cheese Place in a bowl, add some berries and enjoy
almonds a handful a day is the perfect dosage
cucumber + cheese Cut the cheese into small cubes and place on the cucumber slices. Also possible in combination with olives.
black coffee preferably without milk. But if you can't do without, choose the soy milk.
protein bars is available without fat, sugar and carbohydrates in every drugstore.

There are various ways to eat without carbohydrates or to reduce them. We hope you enjoy trying out and cooking new recipes.


There is no sacrifice or renunciation in eating without carbohydrates. Ultimately, everyone reacts differently to food intake. What is certain, however, is that the intake of extremely large amounts of carbohydrates can be harmful and that eating without carbohydrates can lead to possible side effects.

Find the right path for you and your body. We hope to be able to give you an overview with this article and wish you a good appetite anyway.

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