Lose 10 kg: The best tips & tricks to lose weight quickly and healthily

10 kg abnehmen: Die besten Tipps & Tricks um schnell und gesund abzunehmen

Who doesn't know it, after too many snacks and sweets you step on the scale only to find that the number keeps going up. Frustrated, you then resolve to exercise more, eat healthier and, in short, lose weight. Because too much weight is not only bad for your health, self-esteem and self-perception also suffer from extra pounds.

A common goal is 10 kilos. To help you achieve this goal, we have compiled the best tips and tricks in this article so that you too can lose 10 kilos.

the essentials in brief

  • Being overweight should not only be reduced for cosmetic reasons but also for health reasons. In this way, you can prevent various diseases such as diabetes, heart problems and even certain types of cancer.
  • 10 kilos offer a good target mark when losing weight, since at this weight the first successes become visible for most people who lose weight, but it can realistically be achieved within half a year.
  • In order to lose 10 kilos, it is important that more calories are burned than taken in. This can be ensured with the right diet and exercise.

Background: What you should know about losing 10 kilos

We have collected the most frequently asked questions about losing 10 kilos here and answered them below.

Before you move on to the weight loss tips, you should read these questions carefully. Through the answers you acquire background knowledge that will help you to find the right strategy against 10 superfluous kilos.

Why should I lose 10 kilos?

There are many different reasons why you should lose 10 kilos. For many, the focus is on their own attractiveness, they want to feel beautiful and desirable. If you have too much on your ribs, you don't just have an aesthetic problem.

Being overweight usually leads to health problems that should not be underestimated. In the following, we would therefore like to briefly discuss various diseases that are favored by excessive body weight.

  • Diabetes : Losing weight lowers the risk of developing diabetes (1,2)
  • Heart : The heart is relieved and blood sugar levels drop (3)
  • Fat metabolism : Fat metabolism normalizes when you lose weight and the risk of arteriosclerosis decreases (4)
  • Immune system : The immune system gets stronger when fighting obesity because there are fewer pro-inflammatory chemicals in the body (5,6)
  • Cancer : Losing weight lowers the risk of certain types of cancer (7)

So there are many different reasons why you should consider obesity a serious problem and tackle it. Even 10 kilos can make a difference. In the next section, we want to take a closer look at exactly what that is.

What difference does 10 kilos make?

How quickly a noticeable difference can be seen by others when losing weight depends primarily on your starting weight. If you lose 10 kilos with a lot of weight, then the differences are rather small and you won't feel a big change in the dress size either. However, if you are only slightly overweight, you can see a difference after just a few kilos and also lose one or two dress sizes.

difference after losing weight

Customer successes often take time before they are also noticed by others. This mostly depends on your body (Image source: Unsplash / Bill Oxford)

In general, every body is built differently. So don't get discouraged by the before and after pictures of other people trying to lose weight if your results look different. Instead, use them for further motivation.

How fast can I lose 10 kilos?

There are different approaches to losing weight, even if you want to lose 10 kilos. Although it is generally possible to lose 10 kilos in a few weeks using crash diets or other drastic measures, this variant is not sustainable. As soon as the diet is finished and normal eating is resumed, the pounds slowly come back.

Losing weight is not instant success, it takes time

Losing weight quickly can therefore be an option if you want to reach your target weight in a relatively short time for a specific reason. However, if you don't have this time pressure, a gentler variant is recommended, in which it can take up to six months for the pounds to drop.

Is there a difference between men and women when it comes to losing 10 kilos?

There are some differences between women and men when it comes to losing 10 kilos. First of all, the normal weight of men is higher than that of women , so that they have to lose fewer kilos for the same weight. In addition, men have more muscle mass and less body fat than women compared to women, so they burn more calories and more fat than women (8).

Watch your weight and body

Losing weight is all about you and your body (Image source: Unsplash / I Yunmai)

This is why men have an advantage over women when it comes to losing weight. However, this occurs mainly in the first two months of losing weight and then levels out again, since the male metabolism adapts more quickly to lower calorie intake than the female. In the long term, there are no differences if a man or a woman wants to lose 10 kilos (9).

What do I have to consider when losing 10 kilos during menopause?

Due to the hormonal fluctuations associated with the onset of menopause, many women over the age of 50 gain weight. These hormonal changes ensure that the body's energy requirements decrease (10).

For this reason, you should pay even more attention to your calorie intake than other people who want to lose weight. Otherwise, you don't have to pay attention to any other special features.

How can I lose 10 kilos after pregnancy?

Many women want to quickly lose the pounds they gained during pregnancy. It makes sense to get rid of these pounds, especially if you have become overweight as a result of your pregnancy.

Pregnancy puts a strain on your body, so you shouldn't overwhelm it when trying to lose weight afterwards

You should not only pay attention to a balanced diet, as the nutrients are passed on to your child through breastfeeding, which also burns calories. You should also do light exercise. However, it is best to consult your doctor beforehand so that you do not overwork yourself.

Can my child lose 10 kilos?

A healthy weight is essential, especially for children, as too much fat can hinder proper development. Nevertheless, it is true that your child does not necessarily have to lose weight if the weight does not stop increasing due to constant growth.

That's why you should discuss larger weight loss plans, such as 10 kilos, with your pediatrician and then make sure you get enough exercise and eat a balanced diet.

How can I lose 10 pounds with thyroid problems?

The thyroid supplies the body with important hormones, so disorders of the thyroid gland, such as overactive or underactive thyroid or Hashimoto's thyroiditis, can also lead to weight problems (11).

These effects are often counterbalanced by the administration of hormone preparations, so that it is a little more difficult, but not impossible, to lose weight. Your doctor can help you with this so that you are properly adjusted to medication.

How can I maintain my target weight in the long term?

In order to be able to maintain your target weight in the long term, it is best to make a permanent change in diet instead of going on a diet. In fact, once the body adjusts to the lower energy intake during the latter, it adapts its energy burn to match it, so once the diet is over, you quickly gain weight again.

Diets are not a permanent solution, as the weight usually normalizes through a diet as before

You should also not stop your sporting activities immediately as soon as the weight on the scales is correct. By converting fat to muscle over the long term, you can further ensure that 20 pounds don't find their way back onto your hips. In addition, you keep your calorie balance up and don't have to fear the yo-yo effect of weight fluctuations.

Lose 10 kilos: The best tips & tricks for losing weight

In this section we want to give you specific tips and tricks so that you can lose 10 kilos. Since it is important not only for cosmetic reasons, but also for health reasons that you reduce excess weight, we recommend that you read the next section carefully.

Lose 10 pounds through exercise

One of the most common tips people hear about weight loss is that they should exercise more. Not only does it stimulate blood flow and improve heart function, it also helps burn calories (12). But what is the best way to overcome the weaker self and is that even necessary?

Lose 10 kg without exercising

In principle, it is also possible to lose weight without exercising, because ultimately when you lose weight it is important that you consume fewer calories than you use up, so that your body's fat reserves are tapped.

Lose 10 pounds through exercise

It doesn't always have to be the gym. Other types of exercise also help with weight loss (Image source: Unsplash / Sam Moqadam)

You can achieve this through diet, but exercise helps to increase calorie consumption and thus contributes to faster success. In addition, you can replace fat with muscle, which gives the body a more athletic appearance.

Exercising is therefore recommended for weight loss. But if you don't feel like it at all, you can also use a few tricks in everyday life to burn more calories anyway.

activity calorie consumption
Shopping 100 calories
vacuum cleaning 110 calories
Clean up 90 calories
gardening 120 calories

So you don't have to go to the gym right away to get more exercise. Sport in the form of everyday movements also burns calories and is good for your body.


The most popular sport to lose weight is jogging . The practical thing about this sport is that you can go jogging anywhere and you don't need a lot of equipment. However, the regularity of the workout is of central importance. You should therefore go jogging several times a week, but at least three times, so that you can see results.

Other sports

Other sports are also suitable for burning calories and building muscle. To give you a better overview of the calorie consumption, we have put together a small overview of the most popular sports.

sport calorie consumption
HIIT 400 calories
Jog 300 calories
ball sport 300 calories
To go biking 250 calories
weight training 250 calories
walking 140 calories
Pilates or yoga 140 calories

In order for you to actually see success with sport, you should find a sport that you enjoy. This is the only way to stay motivated in the long term and see the workout as fun and not as a compulsion. You should also make sure that you start with gentle sports, especially if you are very overweight, so that you do not put excessive strain on your joints and bones.

Lose 10 pounds with the right diet

Since it is important when losing weight that you consume fewer calories than you use up per day, your diet is of central importance for your weight loss success. Apart from a change in diet towards more fruit and vegetables and less sugar and fat, there are also a few other variants that we would like to briefly outline here.


Fasting is a very popular diet method. This not only includes the classic renunciation of certain foods such as sweets, but also fasting diets such as a soup cure and similar variants. In recent years, a time-bound method of fasting has also been established: intermittent fasting , also known as interval fasting.

Intermittent fasting is not a diet, but a phased form of nutrition that can also be used over a long period of time and can thus lead to long-term success. Phases of eating alternate with phases of abstinence.

This can also be allocated to different days, so that you eat nothing on two days of the week and eat normally on the other days. Alternatively, you can also fast after hours, with the most important forms being 16:8 or 20:4, where you only eat something in the shorter time window.


Many people these days are opting for a vegetarian or vegan diet and want to lose weight with it. Animal welfare intentions are usually in the foreground, since vegan nutrition can be quite complicated if an adequate supply of nutrients is to be guaranteed.

With this form of nutrition, it should be noted that vegetarian or vegan is not the same as healthy. Many dishes such as fries, burgers and other calorie bombs are available in vegan versions, which are not necessarily healthier than plant-based alternatives.


Another popular form of eating is what is known as the keto diet . This diet replaces carbs and sugar with fat where possible to put the body in ketosis. In this state, the body is supposed to gain energy from ketone bodies, which are produced in the liver from fat, instead of from carbohydrates, thus ensuring rapid weight loss.

From a medical point of view, however, this type of weight loss is controversial. While the diet can contribute to rapid weight loss and also has a positive effect on hemoglobin in diabetics, it causes a sharp increase in cholesterol, which can disrupt blood flow (13). Therefore, this diet is only suitable for those who can and want to invest a lot of time in the exact research and alignment of this form of nutrition.

Lose 10 pounds with pills

Many different drugs advertise that they support weight loss success. However, especially with over-the-counter remedies from the drugstore or pharmacy, the success in losing weight is often not scientifically proven, since the dosages in research are usually much higher and only available with a prescription. In addition, these preparations are usually expensive, so you should think carefully about investing in these funds.

Lose weight with pills

Various weight loss supplements are available on the market, including in pill form (Image source: Unsplash / HalGatewood)

Overall, you should stay away from this type of preparation and only use this type of support on the advice of your doctor. Try eating right and exercising instead.


Overall, tackling obesity makes sense for both medical and cosmetic reasons. 10 kilos can be a good goal as it is challenging but still achievable. First and foremost, you have to make sure that you consume fewer calories than you expend.

In order to ensure this, you have to listen to your own body and work with it instead of against it, especially if your weight is hormonal or disease-related.

You can achieve this calorie deficit with the help of more exercise, among other things. This not only burns calories, but also contributes to overall health. It doesn't always have to be sport and the gym, more exercise in everyday life can also help.

When it comes to nutrition, you should pay attention to a balanced diet and ideally change it over the long term so that you don't have to complain about a yo-yo effect. On the other hand, you should keep your distance from diet supplements, as they can only show minor successes.


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